Another blog…really?

Must the amount of content on the internet be added to yet again by on more blogger? No it mustn’t, but it will still be fun and hopefully helpful.

Upon the encouragement of a few friends (i.e. (ah-hum) my wife and mom) I have begun a blog. My aim is, as the “tagline” says above, to share “reflections and testimonials on my time preparing to be a “good servant of Christ Jesus, being trained in the words of the faith…””

This past July Meg and I moved to Louisville, Kentucky that I could start training for pastoral ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In a flash the first semester is over and next semester’s schedule is already in line. Only two and a half years left. Before the rest of it flies by I hope to capture my thoughts on my experience through this blog. My reasons for doing this are many, but not in the least is that I may be able help friends and family keep up with me and Meg.

Although I plan for the majority of the blog to center around our seminary experience, I am sure that many other random entries will make there way across these pages. May it all be to God’s honor and our joy.

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