Jesus and Death

Last year I officially became a professional preacher. I was working at Galleria Woods Retirement Community in Birmingham and teaching the Bible to the residents a few times a week. After one our studies a lady paid me…with peanut brittle (Homemade peanut brittle I should add.).  If you consider a professional someone who gets paid to do something, then I became a pro with the reception of that peanut brittle.

This post is about how I became an internet preacher (along with the video of the sermon).  Add it to my resume: Professional Internet Preacher.  I should be getting a T-shirt soon:

This past weekend Meg and I traveled to Detroit as Meg had a wedding shower to attend.  I was joining her only because I am her husband, and it is a long trip to go alone (not to mention my longing to see my in-laws!).

About noon on Saturday, however, my purpose for being their gained some significance.  The fellow who was scheduled to preach at Meg’s parent’s church called my Dad-in-law (an elder in the church) and let him know that he would possibly not be able to preach the next morning due to illness that was quickly spreading through his family.  I agreed to be a back-up but did not really think it would happen.  We grabbed lunch, putzed around a couple of hours, and then we decided we should check again with the scheduled preacher to get an update on his status.

Things were not looking brighter for him, so at three o’ clock on Saturday afternoon we decided I would preach the next morning.  The passage of Scripture was already chosen for me but thankfully I had taught from it before and had some ideas about how I might interpret it.  After about five cups of coffee and getting to bed at 2:00AM the following is what resulted on Sunday morning (May God bless the proclamation and hearing of His word.):

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