Writing is slow-a-going

It seems to be a law of nature that causes the end of every school semester to escalate in craziness. A student can be diligent at planning his schedule and working on projects well in advance, but it never fails. The last few weeks of a semester are nuts.

Though these weeks have disabled me from writing on the blog as much as I would like, they have been filled with some good things. For starters, I began working for a small, private company that cleans residential windows. The job has gone really well so far. The Lord has been faithful to provide this job for me as it pays more than my previous job and it is more flexible. So, if you are in the Louisville metro area and have dirty windows, then give me a call and I’ll try to get you a blog-reader discount.

Another time-consumer has been the preparation of two sermons that I am planned to deliver in the next couple of weeks. On Easter morning for the second year in a row I will preach for a sunrise service in my hometown. It is always the highest of honors to preach the gospel, but to have the opportunity to do so in my hometown and on Easter morning is even more thrilling.

The Friday following Easter Meg and I are heading to Savannah, Georgia, and I am scheduled to preach at the wedding of our friends Joe Ross and Whitney. We have much to be excited about here: a trip to a beautiful and historic city, the marriage ceremony of two good friends, and I was asked to preach the gospel and talk about its implications for marriage at the ceremony! We are very thankful for it all, and I especially appreciate anyone’s prayers for these two preaching engagements.

The week after our trip to the Savannah is the Kentucky Derby. Apparently this is a pretty big deal in Louisville. There have been all sorts of festivities leading up to the race in a couple of weeks. Tonight for instance the largest (i.e. most expensive) fireworks show in the world is being held downtown, and this is taking place three weeks before the race.

Anyway, when the weekend of the Derby does finally get here both of our families are coming town. Yes, that’s right the in-laws will collide. It will be a little hectic but a lot of fun. If you plan on watching the Derby look for us on TV.

Finally, the week after the Derby is…finals. Yes, petitions on my behalf for more mercy are welcome.

With all of that said, writing is slow-a-going, and when these few weeks pass and summer begins I hope to begin writing more steadily.

Grace to you all from God our Savior and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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