Why I haven’t been writing lately: Fall ’11, pt. 3 (Sermon video on Acts 4:32-37)

As my previous two posts have demonstrated, I have been strapped down big time with classes over the last few months, so my writing here has been stunted. My time studying and in the classroom has been an immensely profitable time. While I have missed writing I have not missed out.

The other major obstacle to getting in front of my computer to write has been preaching opportunities. Again, I have missed writing, but what a joy to preach!  While my studies are crucial for my training for pastoral ministry, there is nothing like getting out there and actually doing it, and my experience of speaking God’s word over this semester has been a rich learning experience.

The most exciting opportunities to proclaim the good news has been at Iroquois High School (If you have followed this blog you may remember my writing about this school here.). Since last December I have been going out to this high school as often as I can to help assist their football team in any way I can. When working out in the gym I will help them rack weights, give them a spot, and count reps. During practices on the field I will help assist in running drills or just chat with whatever players are not scrimmaging at the time.

Before their season started I approached the coach about giving a “gospel talk” to the team  each Thursday after practice was over. Wonderfully, their coach agreed. So, I had before me nine chances, about 10-12 minutes a piece, to speak the word of God into the lives of these young men.

Also, my church sponsored two Thursday night banquets for the Iroquois football team over the course of the season, one for Homecoming and one for Senior Night. At each of these dinners the players enjoyed some great homemade food and got to hear some tremendous gospel preaching from my friend, Travis Freeman, and one of my pastors, Jim Hamilton. Both of these nights will be impressed upon my heart for a long time. These young men got to see a group of Christians who really cared about them in taking to time to make food and serve it to them and they got to hear of the love of Jesus for bankrupt sinners. I got to see some big, burly football players really soften up.

Please pray for Iroquois High and for the power of the gospel to be demonstrated in the lives of these men.

Another of my opportunities to preach was caught on tape! Below I have posted my attempt to preach from Acts 4:32-37. Woodside Bible at Royal Oak in the Detroit, Michigan area was kind enough to allow me preach one of their messages for their sermon series “A Church on Mission”. I am always encouraged by the Spirit’s work in the lives of these saints, and it was a privilege to teach them on their Lord’s Day gathering.

So, I have spent three blog posts justifying why I have not been writing that much lately. Sadly, I am not confident how much better I’ll do over the next couple of months. I start my next classes on December 12th, just one week after finals for this semester! Hopefully, however, some fresh ideas will come and some open time will appear.


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