Happy Anniversary My Love


Three years ago today, I expectantly walked down the aisle to marry C.T.  The song Be Thou my Vision played on the hammered dulcimer while I anxiously walked toward my groom at the end of the aisle. Butterflies filled my stomach as I excitedly anticipated what was to come. That day God blessed us by unifying us in marriage- the best earthly picture of Christ’s relationship to His church.

In the past three years I have learned so much more about love and faithfulness than I had in my entire life.  I am so grateful that God has granted me a husband that knows and fears the Lord. C.T. has exemplified selfless love for me.  He loves me so much it amazes me! Time after time, he sacrifices his own pleasure for my joy. Through observing him sacrificing for me I better understand the value of Christ’s love. How much more Christ must have delighted in me to remove Himself from eternal pleasures and live and die for my good. Christ’s love for me is oh so deep.

God’s faithfulness has also been so evident in our marriage. If you know either of us well, you know that we both have dominant personalities and are stubborn. This combination does not bear well on two people trying to live together. We would both openly admit that our marriage is not easy, in fact, we simply have trouble just getting along. We have had many challenges to work through over the past three years and God has been so faithful to us. Not only has God provided wise people in our lives to counsel us, but He’s given C.T. a faithful character. Just putting up with me daily takes faithfulness. C.T. doesn’t just put up with me though – he dedicates himself to me. He continuously forgives me and pursues me when I do not deserve it. I am so grateful for that.

I am so fortunate to have you as a husband C.T. Thank your for your faith in God, your love for me, and your perseverance in leading us. Thank you for three wonderful years of marriage. I love you.

I snuck into your blog to write this because to me three years of marriage is something to celebrate!

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