Sermon: Acts 8 (Video)

Woodside Bible Church in Royal Oak, Michigan continues to be utterly gracious by giving me the opportunity to proclaim God’s word for their Sunday morning meetings. This past Thanksgiving weekend I preached their eighth sermon in  a chapter-a-week series through the book of Acts, which means I had chapter 8.

What a thrill to preach from this precious portion of Scripture! It also proved quite vexing. Chapter 8 is forty verses and is chock full of narrative. I’ve preached narrative passages before, but never have I had a 40-verse undertaking of this kind. It was easily the hardest the sermon I’ve ever tried to construct. Amazingly, it is this same difficulty that made it all the more fruitful for me. Over and over, I sought the Lord and examined the text that I might see how this chapter is working in Luke’s wonderful tapestry of Spirit-inspired stories. Then I had to work my interpretation into a sermon, and O’ how many word docs I now have of different attempts at organizing my thoughts on Acts 8.

In the sermon I read the entirety of Acts  8, so if you listen/watch the video, then you can follow along here. There are a couple of places where the video skips, but it doesn’t miss much.

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