Sermon: “Jesus is the Messiah-King: Rejected and Worshipped” – Matthew 2:1-12 (audio)

Often times the wise men from Jesus’ birth narratives only show up during Advent, but recently I preached a summer sermon on the Magi. What richly layered connections to the Old Testament show up in their story: Jesus is the son of Abraham by whom the Gentiles will be blessed. Jesus is the kingly Son of David to whom the nations will offer their wealth and adoration. Jesus is the David-like shepherd-ruler born of David’s city, Bethlehem. Jesus’ star came out of Israel, and he is the scepter-clutching ruler who rose out of Jacob. All of these links to the Old Testament show up in Matthew 2:1-12, and I spend a special amount of time dealing with the last one mentioned.

This was the fourth time I was able to preach at Grace Bible Church. I’m continuing to work through the materials from my study of Matthew this past semester. What a joy it is to dig into this Gospel and share the fruit of my labor with this body of believers.

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